Our Premise

Resilience is essential to defence and deterrence.

Resilience means being able to resist and recover from disruption from any source – conflict, terrorism, and natural and man-made disasters.

But resilience means more than protecting national infrastructure such as food supply, water, health, energy, and communications.

The tools of global communications and social media have democratized information. Anyone can be a commentator and a source of information, misinformation, and disinformation while remaining anonymous and free from editorial control and standards.

This is fertile ground for campaigns to undermine and discredit democratic values and institutions, and to promote and amplify divisions within free societies.

Our Promise

Resilient Futures is dedicated to identifying and understanding the full spectrum of threats to resilience, and to developing and supporting policies to address those threats.

Our Platform

Resilient Futures is pleased to provide a platform for publications which provide insight and analysis of current security issues.

The views expressed are the authors’ own.

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Resilient Futures is pleased to post and highlight events that contribute to a better understanding of issues that affect global security.